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Wizards Celebration

At Wizards, we prioritize inclusivity and diversity in our games and our teams and believe that supporting all people and promoting inclusion across Wizards and society will make the world – and our industry – a better place for all. You can read more about our thoughts and actions regarding diversity, equity and inclusivity efforts supporting Pride here

As we continue our efforts to foster a culture of inclusion, Wizards and our Pride ERG have worked with partners to create a series of efforts to celebrate and support charities and individuals throughout the rest of the year. We are thrilled to announce a few of those today and provide updates throughout the rest of the year on additional activities supporting LGBTQ+ causes.

Pride Fundraiser

Pride T-Shirt 2021

Kicking off today, for our fourth straight year, our Wizards Pride ERG is running a Pride Shirt Fundraiser, providing Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering Pride shirts that directly support The Lambert House LGBTQ+ Youth Center. You can shop all the designs, including community specific logos for a number of identities at MTG Pro Shop

The Lambert House is a charity that is near and dear to us at Wizards, founded in 1981 by a pediatrician and adolescent medicine clinic director specifically to address the mental and physical health disparities faced by LGBTQ+ adolescents.

Since then, Lambert House LGBTQ+ Youth Center has cared for, championed, and celebrated over 14,000 individual youth in the Greater Seattle Region through over 500,000 in-person service contacts. During COVID-19, Lambert House delivers online programs to youth in 25 US states and four countries.

Lambert House serves a diverse group of youth—over 50% of the youth who come to Lambert House are youth of color—and it is the only LGBTQ+ youth organization anywhere that provides youth with a large, diverse pool of reliable, trained LGBTQ-affirming adults.

The Lambert House LGBTQ+ Youth Center was put in danger of having to close when its leased headquarters of 25 years was unexpectedly put up for sale and did not have access to the two million dollars needed to buy its much-loved home. An angel lender loaned Lambert House the needed $2 million for 60 months—and the loan comes due in September of 2021.

Lambert House must raise the remaining $550,000 by September 2021—and the Pride Shirt Fundraiser can help! This fundraiser can make a permanent difference in the lives of thousands of LGBTQ+ youth.

The C Team’s Pride Special at PAX

PAX-Lamber House - Pride 2021

Coming up on June 9th at 4pm PT at twitch.tv/pennyarcade you can follow Dungeon Master Kate Welch, Jeremy Crawford, Trystan Falcone, Omega Jones, AJ Lamarque, and Anthony Rapp as they adventure in the Forgotten Realms for the C Team’s Pride Special, also benefitting The Lambert House.

Be sure not to miss the C Team’s latest adventure and a host of exciting giveaways from Elderwood Acadamy and Wizards. All proceeds made during the stream will support Lambert House.

This is Just the Beginning

Supporting the LGBTQ+ community is an ongoing process and the activations mentioned here along with our sponsorship of Digipride 2021 are just the first announcements we have this month. We have some more surprises in store this month and throughout the rest of the year. Stay tuned!

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Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast sponsors DIGIPRIDE 2021

Wizards of the Coast

Celebrating Pride and LGBTQ+ Players and Employees at Wizards

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