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We’re Looking for Talented Artists

Wizards of the Coast has been celebrating the absolute best in fantasy art for over 25 years. 

Wizards of the Coast makes games that plunge deep into the limitless realms of fantasy, adventure, and science fiction. We use art on cards, book covers, packaging, and advertising for print and on the web. 

We have an ongoing demand for talented artists like you.

Art Guidelines

Each of our brands has a unique take on imaginative fantasy.

Magic: The Gathering has always featured artwork on the bleeding-edge of contemporary fantastical art. Magic consistently delivers exciting new twists on the expected, re-crafting and re-framing fantasy to have more contemporary appeal, focusing on characters, settings, and mood.

Dungeons & Dragons is focused on character-driven art, where each character has their own story to tell. D&D is about building a unique visual narrative that pulls the viewer into a fantasy world. We want to see scenes that transport us, where we can almost hear the music, smell the stewpots, and taste the ale. D&D has a wide range of styles from traditional painting to comic art, and we’re always looking for a unique perspective in visual storytelling.

Duel Masters, a popular TCG-based property produced exclusively for Japan, is very media-driven and supported with a monthly manga publication and weekly cartoon. We want the artwork to be rendered in your style; it is the content that we’re looking to see. We’re looking for imaginative and unexpected details (and lots of them!), bright/saturated color palettes, representations of power with auras, energy beams, lightening, mandalas, magical effects, plus dynamic compositions, aggressive poses, and crazy over-the-top weaponry.

Submit Your Portfolio

If your work is of a professional quality, consistent with what you’ve seen from us, then we’d love to hear from you! 

Send an email to, including:

  • Your best, most appropriate 3-5 pieces of artwork as low-resolution jpeg attachments. 
  • Your name and contact information
  • A link to your portfolio, if available

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting your artwork, you acknowledge that your submission does not create any relationship between you and Wizards that is not expressed herein. Further, you acknowledge and agree that the materials contained in your submission may be identical with and/or similar to materials that Wizards has independently developed, or that has or may come to Wizards from other sources and you agree that you shall not be entitled to any compensation by reason of the use by Wizards of such similar or identical material.

If we like what we see and have an appropriate project, we’ll be in touch. We wish you the very best and look forward to seeing your work!