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Wizards of the Coast has two exciting ways for early career talent to join our team: college internships and career apprenticeships!

Internships Overview
We are passionate about growing early career talent and setting up early career professionals for success.

Individuals can thrive in the gaming and entertainment industries through hands-on experiences at Wizards. These opportunities include 10-week paid summer internships which are available to students currently enrolled in accredited degree-seeking programs.

While internships are typically on-site in one of our office locations, 2020 was the first year that we held REMOTE internships and are currently planning a similar (and improved!) experience for 2021.

Our offerings change each year, so check out our career site for current postings! The positions typically cover a variety of undergrad and master’s level backgrounds, including (but not limited to):
• Art & Design
• Game Design & Production
• Software Engineering & Data Science
• Sales & Marketing
• Operations & Legal
• And More!

Life as a Wizards Intern
Internships are a mix of actual industry work on your specific team, and a personal capstone project based on your passions and areas of interest. Over the summer, interns engage with Wizards’ brands and gain relevant and meaningful field experience. They have opportunities through day-to-day training, hands-on projects, exposure to executives, individual development planning, and a personally tailored mentorship program.

Testimonials from past interns:
“I've learned so much over the last 10 weeks! It's been a truly amazing experience. I've met people who I've looked up to for years, I got advice from people who are doing the things I want to do someday, and I feel so much more prepared to enter the industry.” - Intern, 2020 – Now a full-time employee!

“This internship was such a valuable learning experience and I had more fun than I could have imagined. Thank you for everything, this was an experience that I will never forget and I hope to work at WotC with my team in the future!” - Intern, 2020 – returning for summer 2021!

Internships Eligibility
• Currently enrolled in an accredited degree-seeking program with at least one quarter or semester left after the summer internship for which you’re applying.
• Available to work 10 weeks with no major conflicts in June through August.
• Authorized to work in the US for any employer.

How to Apply
Check our careers page between November and January! Due to high interest, Wizards only posts internships on our website for a limited period. Wizards has several partner schools where we will also post internships to their Handshake.
With your application we recommend:
• Current Resume (1-2 pages max)
• Cover Letter
• Online Portfolio Link - Required for Art/Design Interns
• Personal Website or Github
• LinkedIn profile

Wizards of the Coasts also works with non-collegiate students enrolled in job transition programs. Based on the program, Wizards typically offers a six-month apprenticeship which can track towards a full-time employment offer. Apprentices work through a contract vendor on-site at Wizards.
If you are currently working with a program such as YearUp, check with your program to see if Wizards is an employer partner! If your program does not currently work with Wizards, we encourage applicants from all background to apply to our industry roles, contract opportunities, or apply for freelance work with us.

Wizards of the Coast
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