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Associate Graphic Designer - Contractor Job

Job Function Creative

Type Temporary

Location WA - Renton

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Associate Graphic Designer - Contractor

Location: WA - Renton
Employment Type: Temporary
ID: 12550
Job Category: WOTC - Creative


Associate Graphic Designer - THIS IS A CONTRACTOR POSITION- UP to 12 MONTHS


Are you a MTG loving Graphic Designer and a serious stickler for details? If so, this might be the right role for you.

The Wizard in this role will make sure that the art that goes on Magic cards is printed correctly and in the right frames. This person will also create beautiful internal facing materials (like guides and presentations) and sometimes participate in other Graphic Design with Magic R&D.


Essential Functions / Major Responsibilities:

• Uphold excellence of Magic card art and frames
• Art in frames: work with R&D Art Directors and other Graphic Designers to meticulously review and approve artwork in card frames for paper Magic. This task will involve generating correct, complete, prioritized feedback and then making sure the feedback gets incorporated.
• White underprints: review and approve the white underprints for each piece of paper Magic card art such that our foils continue to be awesome and continue to improve over time.
• Final PDFs: once all card materials are incredibly close to complete, the Wizard in this position will review cards once more to make sure all the card elements are looking great.
• Create gorgeous internal facing materials
• Worldguides: we love to build out worlds for Magic. Part of that process is writing about our worlds and creating beautiful concept art for them, then placing that info into guides for each world. In this position, you’ll be working with R&D Concept Artists and Art Directors to complete the layouts for these guides.
• Presentations: so many ideas, so many ways of thinking about Magic and its possibilities, so little time to beautifully place those concepts into presentations so others can get it and get on board… This Wizard will work with some of our most inspired and creative minds to take assets and concepts they generate and turn them into stellar presentations.
• As needed R&D Graphic Design
• Symbols, Frames, and Concepts: R&D’s Graphic Design needs ebb and flow. We currently have an R&D Graphic Designer who creates our unique symbols, frames, and concepts, but there is a strong possibility that new graphic design work could open up for the person in this role as well.


• Hard Skills:
• Printing/Production background
• Adobe Photoshop (Strong)
• Adobe Illustrator (Basic)
• Adobe Indesign (Strong)
• MtG Knowledge (Basic)

Soft Skills:

• Absolute stickler for details
• Understands the need for revisions in the creative process
• Excellent verbal and written communicator
• Can work really well in a loud, sometimes high energy area
• Loves Magic: The Gathering and has back knowledge of our game

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Business Unit: Wizards of the Coast

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