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Customer Service Contact Information

Wizards of the Coast Corporate Information -

Mailing Address
Wizards of the Coast LLC
P.O. Box 707
Renton, WA 98057

Corporate Phone
(425) 226-6500

Press Contact

The corporate contact information is for media inquiries only. is not monitored for customer service or product issues and misdirected email will result in significant delays and possible loss of your message. Your product questions and comments are important to us and can be addressed quickly through the regional customer service contacts that are listed below.

North American Game Support -

Online Support

If you've got a question, chances are good that you can find the answer in our online Knowledge Base.

Still need assistance? Our friendly support team can provide assistance by e-mail or phone.

E-mail Support

To create a support request, go to You will be asked to sign in with your Wizards Account.

If you don't have a Wizards Account, you can find instructions for creating one here.

Once you create your account, log in, and submit a request to our team. You will typically hear from us within 24 hours.

Phone Support
Seven Days a Week
7am - 7pm (Pacific Time)
US/Canada/Mexico: (800) 324-6496

Japanese Game Support-

Japanese Game Support provides phone and e-mail assistance in -Japanese.

E-mail Support

Phone Support
Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm (Japan Standard Time)
Local Number:
Japan: 03-4477-4637


Latin American Game Support -

Latin American Game Support provides phone and e-mail assistance in -Spanish, Portuguese and -English.

E-mail Support

Phone Support
Monday - Friday
10am - 5pm (Central Daylight/Standard Time (CDT/CST) (UTC - 5 hours/ UTC - 6 hours)
Local Number:
Argentina: 0+351 587 0167
Bolivia: 800 110 319
Brazil: 0+1147002251
Chile: 0+223937020
Colombia: 0+14192639
Mexico: 01+5547380419
Peru: 17 061 933
Venezuela: 212 720 2087

Asia Pacific Game Support –

Asia Pacific Game Support provides e-mail assistance in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and English.

E-mail Support

Phone Support – English Only
Seven Days a Week
7am - 7pm (Pacific Time)
Local Number:
Australia: 02+82281632
China: 0+4008881042
Hong Kong: 30134522
Indonesia: 001 8038 52 9038
South Korea: 02+34834880
Malaysia: 03+77240003
New Zealand: 9 915 0129
Philippines: 0+180089088324
Singapore: 68185417
Taiwan: 02+26507432
Thailand: 001 800 441 6122


European Union/Russian Federation/African Game Support -

In order to best serve our customers, Game Support for these regions is done by language.

Representatives standing by to provide support and assistance in the following languages:

E-mail Support

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