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All about Kaladesh

Magic: The Gathering

September 30, 2016

Throughout its 23-year history, Magic: The Gathering has released multiple card sets each year and visited many richly imaginative worlds through the game and accompanying stories.

In its latest card set, Kaladesh, Magic explores a bright new world where anything is buildable, and any problem can be solved by the elegant, wondrous devices that abound on the plane.

One of our hero Planeswalkers, Chandra, returns home to Kaladesh while the world is in the midst of the prestigious Inventors’ Fair, a showcase for the world’s most talented geniuses and their innovative creations.

Kaladesh marks the latest installment of an epic story arc that will immerse players in the game for years to come.

Card Set Release Date: September 30, 2016

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Magic: The Gathering Tournament Circuit

For each set that comes out, there are tournaments where the top Magic players in the world gather in order to battle against each other in an event called the Pro Tour.

The Pro Tour Kaladesh is in Honolulu, Hawaii from October 14 - 16, and offers a total of $250,000 in prize money for winners.

You can find more information on or check out what people are saying on Twitter with the hashtag - #PTKLD

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